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Equality Plan. 1st - 3rd ESO. Part I

Equality Plan. 1st - 3rd ESO. Part I
  • Referencia: 978-84-616-3813-0
  • Editorial: EASSE

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This Equality Plan is an initiative of EASSE(European Association Single-Sex Education), a non-profit association whose mission is to promote gender equalityand foster equal opportunity in educational, social and professional realms. To this end, EASSE generates academic proposals on gender equality and spearheads research on single-sex education.

The Equality Plan incorporates an unbiased analysis of the reality and history of men and women to act under conditions of equality, while at the same time acknowledges the differences inherent in each gender.

The Equality Plan should form part of the school curriculum, respond to distinct developmental stages, and, to the extent possible, complement the more interpersonal facets of coexistence, mutual recognition, equality and respect for diversity.

The Plan, therefore, is especially useful for educational matters that require a greater degree of social sensitivity, such as educating young people without gender stereotypes and offering an educational model based on equal opportunity.

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